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Sarah A. Hall

(05/09/1873 - 08/28/1910)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 09/01/1910

Sad Bereavement

Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

Sarah Ann Rickard, wife of F. M. Hall, Harrison, Nebraska, was born May 9, 1873, at Newhaven, West Virginia, and died at Harrison, August 28th, 1910. She and Mr. Hall were married November 23rd, 1893; there were born to them eight children, of whom there are four living, Nellie, Floyd, Frank and Sarah Belle, an infant a few days old. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. R. R. Shoemaker in the Methodist Church at Harrison and were followed by the simple rites of the Royal Neighbors, an organization to which Mrs. Hall belonged. The remains were Interred in the cemetery 20 miles north of Harrison and near their old home. Mr. Hall and the children have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their sad and irreparable loss.

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