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Samuel W. Hall

(04/23/1830 - 07/03/1905)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 07/06/1905

Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The following was published in the Converse County Herald.

Mrs. Hall and son Jesse left Tuesday evening for Hermosa, South Dakota, having received a telegram that morning announcing the death of Mr. Hall, the husband and father, at that place. The news was a great shock as they had not heard that he was ill. Particulars of his death have not been learned as yet. While Mrs. Hall and son have been among us but a few weeks they have already made a great many friends who will join with the HERALD in extending to them their heartfelt sympathy at this time.

Converse County Herald
July 13, 1905

Mrs. Hall and son, Jesse, returned to Lusk the first of the week, after performing the last sad rites over the remains of the husband and father, which was laid to rest in the Bodarc cemetery near Harrison, Nebraska.

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