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Leo Vernon Trenholm

(10/14/1899 - 05/16/1953)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/19/1953

Leo Trenholm

Leo Trenholm, about 50 and former Lusk resident, died Monday in a Laramie hospital as the result of injuries sustained in a head-on collision near Laramie Feb. 27. Death was attributed to head injuries and shock.

Trenholm, along with two other men, were injured and taken to the Laramie hospital for treatment. The other two persons have been released. A Casper man was killed in the same accident.

He was in business in Orin and was enroute to a basketball game at Laramie. He worked in the D. D. Caley market in Lusk a number of years ago.

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Photo courtesy of photographer Pat Linaman

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