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Aaron Carl Dieleman

(11/30/1906 - 09/28/1917)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 10/04/1917


Community Mourns Sad Plight Which Befalls Wm. Dieleman Home

Death entered the household of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Dieleman of southeast of Lost Spring last Friday and Saturday and claimed their ten year old twin boys, Aaron Carl on Friday at noon and Arthur R., about the same hour on Saturday. The lads were ill but a very short time and their sudden passing from the effect of diphtheria, was the most severe shock to the entire community.

The mother in caring for her darling children has contracted the awful disease and is now in a very precarious condition as is also the three year old daughter of the family, but doctors are doing their utmost to save them and are hopeful of success.

While at the fair at Douglas the children bought ice cream cones from a peculiar looking old man, which they now suspect as a German spy who was selling goods infected with germs of this disease. It is hard to believe but from similar reports coming from almost everywhere, of the fiendishness of Prussianism, we are beginning to realize that it is not beneath them to commit such crimes.

The Dieleman family are well known throughout this vicinity. Mr. Dieleman being a brother to A. A. Dieleman, cashier of the Bank of Manville, and the community mourns and extends sympathies to the bereaved family.

Information courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The following was published in the Niobrara County news, Manville.

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