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Sallie Quintard

(02/28/1949 - 05/30/2009)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/10/2009

Salli Quintard

Salli Quintard passed away at her son's home in Oregon on Saturday, May 30, 2009. She fought a brave battle with cancer for the last several months.

Salli and Lloyd Quintard were the first couple to be legally married in the Legend of the Rawhide Pageant performance. They took part in the Pageant with their team and wagon every year.

Salli had opened and operated "Salli's Diner" in Harrison just last summer. She will be missed there as she was an awesome cook and everyone looked forward to her meals.

She is survived by two children, Rob and Lyndsey, and by the entire Quintard family.

Note: The article is printed here as published. Family sources provided additional information. Mrs. Quintard spelled her first name "Sallie" and her maiden name was "Dyerly". Belcher was her first husband, Quintard, her second. She was born February 28, 1949.

Sallie and Lloyd Quintard were married July 8, 1994, in the Legend of the Rawhide Pageant performance in Lusk, Wyoming.

Sallie is survived by her husband Lloyd Quintard; her brother Jim Dyerly; her daughter Lindsey Belcher-Lanier and her son Rob Belcher; her stepdaughter Debbie Quintard-Aldcroft; grandchildren Triston Lanier, Chase Lanier, April Belcher, Autumn Belcher, Taylor Belcher, and Danielle Knous-McKenzie.

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