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Estelle Adelaide Kant

(04/22/1895 - 11/24/1933)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 11/30/1933

Mrs. William Kant Passes Away Here Last Friday Night

Mrs. William Kant, for the past 18 years a resident of the vicinity of Keeline and Lost Springs, succumbed at the Lusk hospital at 11:30 o'clock Friday night, November 24th, following a major operation the day previous. General peritonitis was given as the cause of demise. Mrs. Kant was admitted to the hospital last week suffering from a serious ailment and underwent surgical treatment Thursday morning.

Deceased is survived by her husband, six children; three sons, Walter, William and Richard, and three daughters, Edith, Emma and Pauline. Her mother, seven sisters and two brothers also survive, all but Mrs. Andrew Winter, of Guernsey, residing in the east. Mrs. Kant was a cousin to Glen I. Willson of this city.

Funeral services were held at 2:00 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Lost Springs hall, Rev. Carl Hellman, pastor of the Lutheran church, officiating. Burial took place in the Prairie View cemetery at Lost Springs. Arrangements were in charge of George Earl Peet of the Peet mortuary, of Lusk.

Pallbearers, all friends and neighbors of the family were Arthur Meinzer, Ben Thurston, Alex Fosheiser, Bill Davies, Albert Knudson and Roy Condry.

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Mrs. William Kant

Mrs. William Kant passed away at the Lusk hospital on Friday, November 24th, 1933, having attained the age of 38 years, 7 months, and 2 days.

Estelle Adelaide Runser was born on April 22, 1895, at Erie, Pennsylvania. Having been baptized and instructed in the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion she confessed her faith in the Triune God and in Jesus as her Savior and was thus received as a communicant member by the rite of Confirmation on April 12, 1908, of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Congregation at Erie, Pennsylvania.

It was in the year 1915 that the departed came to Wyoming, locating in the vicinity known as Spanish Diggings near Keeline, teaching school there. Upon her arrival she affiliated with Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran church of Keeline. She was married to Mr. William Kant on February 3, 1917, and has resided in the vicinity of Lost Springs since that time. This union was blessed with six children; three sons, Walter, William and Richard, and three daughters, Edith, Emma and Pauline.

Survivors besides the husband and children are: her mother, Mrs. Katherine Burkhard of Erie, Penn.; two brothers, William Runser of Erie, and Frank Runser of East Orage, New Jersey; and seven sisters, Mrs. Charles Bierbach and Mrs. Wilbur Rose of Erie, Penn., Mrs. Andrew Winter of Guernsey, Wyo.; Mrs. Larena Runser and Mrs. Charles Thomas of South Bend, Indiana; Mrs. Richard Lingle and Mrs. J. A. Brauening of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The funeral was conducted by Rev. Carl Hellman of Crawford, Nebraska. The services were held at Lost Springs at 2:00 o'clock on Monday afternoon and burial followed in the Prairie View cemetery. Mr. Peet of the Peet mortuary was in charge of funeral arrangements.

Note: Estelle A. Kant was disinterred in 1971 and moved to the Lusk Cemetery.

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