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Fannie Ceske

(11/30/-0001 - 11/09/1971)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/02/1971

Sister of Dan Smith Dies in Minnesota

Mrs. Fannie Ceske, 85, DeGraff, Minn., died November 9 with funeral service held November 12 at St. Bridget Catholic Church in DeGraff.

Mrs. Ceske is a sister of Dan Smith and a great-aunt of Mrs. Malcom Hammer and Mrs. C. E. Hollon, all of Lusk.

Her husband Joseph Ceske, Sr., died in 1958. She is survived by four sons and six daughters. They are Joseph Jr., and David of DeGraff, Lawrence of Willmar, Minn., Mrs. Mary Schafer of Bloomington, Minn., Mrs. Melvin Garberich (Lucille) of Belgrade, Minn., Mrs. Martin Mrosek (Fannie) of Appleton, Minn., Mrs. Norman Adams (Florence) of Lake Lillian, Minn., Mrs. Anna Hardin of Dallas, Tex., and Miss Rose Ceske of DeGraff.

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