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Ralph C. Chaffee

(11/30/-0001 - 07/26/1968)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/08/1968

Ralph C. Chaffee Dies in Arizona

Ralph C. Chaffee, 80, former rancher south of Lusk, died at Kingsman, Ariz., July 26. Funeral services and burial were at Riverton August 1.

Mr. and Mrs. Chaffee had gone to Kingsman four years ago for Mr. Chaffee's health. Prior to that they lived in Riverton since 1941. Mr. Chaffee came to Wyoming in 1912 and homesteaded south of Lusk in 1913, where he lived until 1939.

Mrs. Chaffee and daughter, Mrs. Helen Smith, and son, Ralph I. Chaffee, flew to Riverton for the services. Mrs. Chaffee came to Lusk from Riverton Saturday with her sisters, Mrs. Maude Upton of Lusk and Mrs. Ruth Pugsley of Torrington. She plans to return to Kingsman this week.

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