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Carl Frederick Zerbst

(08/19/1889 - 10/05/1953)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/15/1953

Carl Zerbst, Formerly of Harrison, Dies at Springfield, Ore.

Carl Zerbst, 63, father of Walter Zerbst and brother of Mrs. Earl Quigley and former resident of Harrison and Sioux County, Neb., died of a heart attack at his shoe shop in Springfield, Ore. Oct. 5.

Mr. Zerbst had just taken his wife to the bus depot to go to Yakima, Wash. to visit an aunt who had been ill, and apparently died just after returning to his shoe shop. His wife could not be located at first but information on his person gave the location of his son, Walter, at Lusk who was notified.

Walter and his sister, Mrs. Elmer Lambert of Crawford and her husband, left immediately for Springfield and drove straight through. Authorities had meanwhile located their mother.

The father had not been in the best of health, but his sudden death did come with great surprise. Funeral services were held at Springfield on Thursday morning and the body was brought to Harrison where further services were held Tuesday aftenoon at the Methodist Church with burial in the Chadron Cemetery.

Mrs. Zerbst returned with her son and daughter Saturday and will remain here a time before returning to Springfield to attend to her affairs.

The Carl Zerbst family ranched for many years near Harrison, then moved into town. They moved from there some 20 years ago.

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