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Eva Loretta ZumBrunnen

(06/10/1859 - 04/18/1934)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/22/1954

Twenty Years Ago - April 19, 1934

The second and third articles below, from the Lusk Free Lance, are courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project. The scan that is available online has some information missing, and an effort has been made to fill in the missing information as accurately as possible.

Mrs. J. J. ZumBrunnen passed away at a Crawford hospital today. Mrs. ZumBrunnen, born at Attica, Wisc., in 1859, came to Wyoming soon after her marriage with Mr. J. J. ZumBrunnen in 1896. She was postmistress at Kirtley for many years; and a faithful correspondent for The Herald for over 30 years.

Lusk Free Lance
April 19, 1934
Death Claims Mrs. Eva Zum Brunnen at Crawford, Neb.

(The) message of death was brought to (our) city late Wednesday afternoon, to (sadden) a large family and a host of (devoted) friends, when the passing of (Mrs.) Eva Zum Brunnen, long time resident of the Kirtley vicinity, was announced. Mrs. Zum Brunnen succumbed to spinal meningitis at the Crawford hospital at 3 o'clock, following an illness which began with influenza about six weeks ago.

Her condition gradually became serious during the past week, and on (--day) she was removed from her home to Crawford, under the care of (Doctor) Ivins. At her bedside when the (end) came were her husband, J. J. Zum Brunnen, and Mr. and Mrs. (James) W. Christian, the latter a step-daughter. The funeral services will be held from the Kirtley hall Saturday afternoon, April 21st, under direction of the Midwest mortuary of Crawford, and burial will take place in the Kirtley cemetery. Funeral arrangements have not as yet been completed, other than the time of the final services.

Surviving Mrs. Zum Brunnen are her husband, one son by a first marriage, Ray Whipple of Casper; a son and a daughter by her present union - Walter of Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. Edward Ammona of Littleton, Colo.; five step-children, Mrs. James W. Christian of Indian Creek; Mrs. Del Bigelow of Harrison, Nebr., Roy, of Kirtley; Stanley, of Newcastle, and Thomas who now resides in Georgia.

Mrs. Zum Brunnen was one of the most highly respected residents of the county and during the more than thirty years in which she made her home here, she had acquired a wide circle of friends and admirers. She was almost 75 years old at the time of her passing.

Lusk Free Lance
April 26, 1934
Final Services For Mrs. Zum Brunnen Held Last Saturday

Funeral services for Mrs. Eva Loretta Zum Brunnen, who passed away at the Crawford hospital Wednesday, April 18th, were held at the Kirtley hall last Saturday afternoon, Rev. D. J. Clark officiating. Interment was made in the family plot in the Kirtley cemetery. At the services in the hall, the mixed quartet of this city, rendered several selections.

In his sermon, Rev. Clark paid a high tribute to the deceased, one of the oldest residents of this county, who saw it when it was in its infancy and witnessed its constant growth.

Pallbearers were grandsons of Mrs. Zum Brunnen and were Frank and George Christian, Leslie, Lloyd and Harold Zum Brunnen and Mannie Knori.

Mrs. Zum Brunnen was born in Wisconsin on June 10, 1859 and passed from this life on April 18, 1934, being at the time of her death, 74 years, 9 months and 8 days of age.

Spending her youth and receiving her education in Wisconsin, she was married on December 17, 1896 to J. J. Zum Brunnen. The following month they came to Wyoming, settling in the Kirtley vicinity where the family home has existed since.

Decedent is survived by her husband, one son by a former marriage, Ray Whipple of Casper; one son and one daughter by the present union - Walter, of Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. Edna Ammona of Littleton, Colo; five step-children, Mrs. James W. Christian, of Indian Creek; Mrs. Del Bigelow of Harrison, Nebr., Roy, of Kirtley; Stanley, of Newcastle, and Thomas who now resides in the south.

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