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Thomas L. Thompson

(01/29/1850 - 06/15/1919)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 06/20/1919

T. L. Thompson at End of Long LIfe Journey

This article, published in the Lusk Standard, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

Mr. T. L. Thompson, Niobrara Co. pioneer and highly esteemed resident of Lusk died Sunday night at his home after an illness which has lasted since March and became critical about two weeks ago.

Mr. Thompson was 69 years of age having been born Jan. 29, 1850 in Norway. He was educated in that country and came to America when a young man. He settled in Iowa where he was married. Later he moved to Nebraska where he lived until coming to this section of Wyoming.

Mr. Thompson leaves a widow and six children, Misses Ethel and Tena Thompson, Mrs. Jesse Costlow, Benjamin, Louis and Arthur Thompson.

Brief services were held at the Thompson home Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock. The Rev. Alexander of Jireh officiating. The body was then taken to Kirtley, where services were held in the Hall. The burial took place at Kirtley.

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