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Phoebe "Rebecca" Jane Baughn

(01/31/1835 - 02/01/1905)
Courtesy of Converse County Herald, 02/16/1905


Phoebe Jane, daughter of Susan and Johnathan Sims, was born January 31, 1835, in Salem, New Jersey. When a young girl she removed to Trivoli, Ill. She was united in marriage to Benjamin F. Baughn, at Peoria, Illinois, on December 25, 1854. Immediately after their marriage they removed to Wyoming, Stark county, Illinois, where they resided 33 years. Nine children were born to them, six sons and three daughters. One son and two daughters died in infancy; the remainder are still living and are as follows: Oscar K., Harry J., Erastus B., and Carl W. of Manville, Wyoming; Oliver T. of Tobias, Nebraska, and Lillie I. Finicle of Holdrege, Neb. In the spring of 1879, Mrs. Baughn removed with her husband and family to Tobias, Nebraska, where they remained until 1892, when they came to Manville, Wyoming. Two years later, her husband was called to the better land and was victorius through faith in God. His remains were temporarily buried, and will now be placed by the side of the faithful mother of his children. After the death of her husband she abode at the home of her son, Erastus, with whom she lived until her death. When a young girl she united withe the Baptist church and was a faithful christian during her life. She was a woman of great strength of character, and was always found on the side of righteousness and temperance. During her final illness, though a great sufferer, she was uncomplaining, and while she desired to live, yet expressed herself as ready and willing to go; and during the last two or three days was anxious to depart and said she was ready at any time. She was deeply devoted to her family and was always ready to do anything for their welfare. She leaves a large circle of friends and relatives who will cherish her memory. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." After an illness of some months, caused by cancer of the stomach, she departed this life for the better, brighter, and higher life February 1, 1905, at the mature age of sixty-eight years and one month. The funeral services were held at the home of E. B. Baughn and were conducted by the pastor of the M. E. church, Rev. E. P. Hughes.

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Photo courtesy of Lucy Simpson, Historian of the Sims/Rogers Family
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