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Angus Benjamin Baker

(05/26/1848 - 06/26/1916)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 06/29/1916

A.B. BAKER AT REST - Death Summons Venerable Manville Citizen

This article, courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project, was published in the Niobrara County News.

The people of this community are again brought to mourn the loss of one of their kind and venerable citizens in the sudden loss by death of Mr. A. B. Baker, Sr., which occurred Monday June 26, at about 5 o'clock p.m. at his ranch about twenty miles north of town. Mr. Baker had been ailing about seven years and had visited many specialists in vain effort for relief. For the last six weeks he has failed rapidly and was brought home a few weeks ago from Montana where he had been with his son Charles in an effort to regain health. He had been up and around as usual the day of his death and was sitting in a chair while his wife was getting supper ready, when she noticed that he had suddenly changed from his usual position and that he was slipping from his chair. She went to him and was endeavoring to get him into an easier position when he suddenly passed into the Great Beyond without a struggle.

Angus Benjamin Baker, was born in Buckingham Canada, May 26, 1849 and died June 26, 1916, at Manville, Wyoming, at the age of 67 years and 1 month. In 1870 he moved from his birthplace to the United States, settling in the state of Michigan where he worked in the lumbering camps until the spring of 1870 when he departed for Marion county Kansas, where he met and married Miss Clara Augusta Spaugh in 1874. To this union were born four children, Mary Alice, Charles Edward, Clara Josephine and Angus Benjamin, all living but Mary Alice who died when but 3 years of age. Mr. Baker and family came to Wyoming in April 1903 where he was engaged in the ranch business until death. The deceased was one of a family of 7 boys and 5 girls, two sisters of whom are still living.

The sterling worth of Mr. Baker in business, as a husband, father, and neighbor is in a life record of which anyone might be proud, and there is no one in the community held in greater respect by his neighbors and friends than was Mr. Baker.

Card of Thanks
We desire to express our appreciation of the many kindnesses shown us by our friends and neighbors at the time of death and funeral services of our beloved husband and father.

Mr. Clara A. Baker and children.

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