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Oliver Wesley Bonsell

(06/10/1911 - 11/15/1941)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/20/1941


Wesley Bonsell Dies As Thrown 30 Feet

Wesley Bonsell, 30, ranch worker, living some 25 miles north of Lusk, was killed Saturday night about 10:15, when the auto he was driving sideswiped another car and turned over on Highway 85, two and a half miles north of Lusk.

His brother, George Bonsell, is in the hospital with fractured ribs and Mrs. George Bonsell, the third occupant of the car received minor cuts and bruises, and was released from the hospital Sunday morning.

Wesley Bonsell died about 11:30 after being brought to the Spencer Hospital He suffered multiple skull fractures and internal injuries as he was thrown some 30 feet from the overturned car.

The other car involved in the collision was that of Chris Myrup. His car remained upright and was not badly damaged and neither he nor Mrs. Myrup and their four children were injured.

Bonsells Driving South
The Bonsell car was being driven south toward Lusk and the Myrup car was traveling north. The road was straight at the point of the accident.

Ed Pfister was one of the first at the scene of the accident and brought Mrs. Bonsell to the hospital and called a doctor and ambulance.

The night before George Bonsell was in a similar accident, Highway Patrolman A. W. Wheeler said, near the same place. His car side-swiped the rear end of a truck from Custer, S. Dak. doing considerable damage to the Bonsell car.

Services Wednesday
Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon from the Peet Chapel with the Rev. M. H. Marshall officiating. Bearers were John Goddard, Henry McGinnis, Robert Scott, Allan Clark, George Mill, and Lloyd Younkin. Assisting with the music were F. B. Kuns, J.M. Hungate, Mrs. A. F. DeCastro, and Mrs. Robert Kuns. Mrs. Lester Meade was accompanist.

Oliver Wesley Bonsell was born at Lusk June 10, 1911, the youngest child of William Himes Bonsell of Grafton, Va. and Louis E. Hester Bonsell of Springfield, Ia.

June 11, 1937 he married Wilma Fay Barkell of Kimball, Nebr., and to them were born two sons, Wesley William and James Everett.

Besides his wife and children the surviving are a sister, Mrs. Lydia Bonsell Larson of Pine Bluffs, and six brothers, Harold of Douglas, Will of Lusk, Raymond of Lusk, George E. of Hat Creek, Russell of Lusk and Dee of Bend, Oregon.

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