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Simruda Catherine Covington

(09/06/1828 - 10/04/1906)
Courtesy of The Guernsey Gazette, 10/05/1906

Mrs. S. C. Covington Passes Away at Hartville-Mother of Prominent Ranch and Stockmen

Mrs. S. C. Covington died Thursday afternoon at the home of her son, S. W. Covington, in Hartville, at the age of 78 years and one month, lacking two days. She had been in poor health for a number of years, but death came more perhaps as the result of old age than anything else. Mrs. Covington was born in Georgia but at an early age was taken to Texas by her parents, where she resided continuously up to six years ago when she came to Wyoming for the first time. She was a Mexican war pensioner and the mother of five boys, four of whom are living. They are J. J., S. W., and A. J. Covington well known ranchmen of this locality, and B. H. Covington, whose home is in New Mexico. The other son, W. B., died in 1881.

Funeral services were held in the Guernsey Congregational church Friday afternoon and an appropriate address delivered by Rev. Butler of Wheatland. The remains were laid to rest in the local cemetery. Mrs. Covington was a kind and loving mother, a true friend and a good, generous hearted woman, respected by her neighbors, admired by her friends and loved and honored by her children.

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Simruda Covington seated front right. Her son, Samuel Sr. on left, Samuel Jr. standing. Baby is Helen Kathryn Covington
Photos courtesy of Gary McClenahan

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