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Samuel Walker Covington Jr.

(10/12/1876 - 07/22/1959)
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Samuel Walker Covington, Jr. was born October 12, 1876 in Burnet County, Texas; the third child of Samuel Walker Covington and Phoebe Caroline Nations. He was married October 24, 1902 in Wyoming to Edna Ethel Jones, born June 20, 1881. He died July 22, 1959 and is buried near his father in the cemetery at Guernsey, Wyoming. He and Ethel were divorced and she raised the children. She later married a man named Guthrie.

Sam and Ethel had five children: Helen Kathryn Covington-Swan-Martens; Lelia Merle Covington-Nelson; Berniece Elizabeth Covington-Boyer; Lucille Anna Fern Covington-Fox; and Albert Sam Francis Covington.

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Simruda Covington seated front right. Her son, Samuel Sr. on left, Samuel Jr. standing. Baby is Helen Kathryn Covington
Photos courtesy of Gary McClenahan

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