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Ben Lee Covington

(03/18/1888 - 10/16/1933)
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Ben L. Covington Laid At Rest Here, Was Caught in Cave-in in Water Main Ditch at Casper on Monday

Funeral services were held at Community Church in Guernsey on Thursday afternoon for Ben Covington, former Guernsey man who was killed in a cave-in accident at Casper Monday afternoon. Mr. Covington had just started on his new job Monday, the first work he had had in several months and was working with a crew of men on a water main ditch. Without warning the ditch caved in catching Ben and a fellow worker, who was badly injured, but is still living. As the rescue workers progressed with the work of uncovering the victims, Ben's voice could be heard thru a crevice in the debris and they judged then he was badly hurt. He was buried under 12 feet of earth and rock, and died of suffocation before his body was recovered.

Benjamin Covington was 45 years of age. He was born in Texas, coming to Wyoming in '97 and had since that time resided in this vicinity until moving to Casper 4 years ago.

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Covington of Sunrise, Wyo. Ben came to Wyoming with his parents over the old cattle trail in 1897, locating on Broom creek, 15 miles north of Sunrise and lived in this vicinity until 1929.

He was married on July 2, 1912, to Ellen M. Finnerty of Sunrise. To this union six children were born: Cody C., Ben F., Frank L., Herbert Dale, Louis John, and Lyle Eugene. He leaves to mourn his departure his wife and six sons, his father, A. J. Covington Sr. of Sunrise, 4 sisters and five brothers: Mrs. M. C. Schooley of Sunrise; Mrs. Flora Ruff of Bellefield, No. Dak.; Mrs. Eva Williams of Pickerel, Nebr.; Mrs. Ruda Duvall of Sunrise; and Wm. B. of Denver, Colo.; A. T. of Acme, Wyo.; A.J. Jr. of Glendo; Chas. E. of Omaha; and A. Sam of Genoa, Colo. His mother, one sister, Mrs. Lora Hester and two brothers, Andy and John preceded him in death.

(Note: Ben's remains were originally buried in Guernsey, Wyoming but were later moved to Highland Park Cemetery in Casper, Wyoming.)

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