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Edmond James Brooks

(01/17/1909 - 08/01/1945)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/02/1945

Edmund Brooks of Manville Dies Suddenly Wednesday

The death of Edmund Brooks, 36, well-known sheepman and rancher of the Manville vicinity, early Wednesday morning, came as a distinct shock to those who knew him. He had been ill for a week and was admitted to the Spencer Hospital approximately 24 hours preceding his death. A cardiac heart seizure was the cause of death; this resulted from a throat infection, the exact nature of which has not been determined as yet. A tonsilar abscess had apparently followed this infection.

Funeral arrangements are pending word from relatives, but the tentative date set is Saturday or Sunday.

Mr. Brooks was the owner of a sheep ranch about seven miles south of Manville. He was born in that district in January, 1909, and has lived in that region all of his life.

He married Adelaide Tschacher in Harrison, Neb., and to this union was born four children - Ralph, Garry, Donnie and Sharon. Two sisters, Mrs. Gertrude O'Neill of Boulder, Colo., and Mrs. Warren Kelly of New London, Conn.; one brother, F. Everette Brooks, of Lusk, and his father and step-mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks, survive.

The Lusk Herald
August 9, 1945
Large Crowd At Brooks Funeral

Funeral services for Edmond J. Brooks, who died suddenly August 1, were held August 4, at the Chapel, at 2 o'clock. Masses of flowers banked the walls and the chapel was crowed to capacity.

O. P. Harnagel, Gerald Bardo, Mrs. Wm. G. Watt and Laverne Johns sang "In the Garden," and "O, Think of the Home Over There." Mrs. Gerald Bardo was organist.

Serving as pallbearers were William Magoon, Gene Bass, Willis Fahy, George Barnette, Bud Price and James Patton.

Interment was made at the Lusk Cemetery.

Edmond J. Brooks, prominent rancher and stockman of Niobrara County, died suddenly with a cardiac heart seizure. He had had a throat infection for about a week and was not thought to be seriously ill.

Edmond J. Brooks was born on January 17, 1945, (should be 1909), at Manville, Wyo, a son of Frank E. and Lutie A. Brooks. He grew to manhood in this State.

November 17, 1933, he was married to Adelyn C. Tschacher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tschacher of Manville. The couple settled on a ranch south of Manville. To them were born three boys and one girl - Ralph Edmond, 10; Donald Eugene, 9; Gary Ray, 7; and Sharon Kay, 4.

Spending many hours with his children, teaching them to ride and taking part in their games, he was a much-loved father.

Besides his wife and four children, he is survived by his father and step-mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Brooks; two sisters, Mrs. Gertrude O'Neill of Boulder, Colo., and Mrs. Verona Kelley of new London, Conn; one brother, F. Everette Brooks, of Keeline, and a nephew, Dean Brooks. Other relatives here are two uncles, George E. Brooks and family and William Brooks and son, Lester; a cousin, Charles Blagg and family and two step-brothers, Fred L. and Allen C. Muhlbach.

Among the out-of-town visitors in Lusk for the funeral of the late Edmond Brooks were his sister, Mrs. Gertrude Brooks O'Neill of Boulder, Colo., and Mr. and Mrs. Ward Brooks of Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Tschacher of Wendell, Idaho, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Burk of Orin Junction, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dilsing, Mr. and Mrs. Amton Annen, Mr. and Mrs. John Annen, Mrs. Wm. Heister, Mrs. Elmer Roland, Mrs. Mamie Holliwake, Mrs. Clyde Elder and Mr. W. Enget and daughter of Hemingford, Neb.

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