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Colten Burri Bruegger

(07/28/1991 - 10/03/2012)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/10/2012

Colten Burri Bruegger

Colten Burri Bruegger was born in Laramie, Wyo. to Shannon and Teri (Palmer) Bruegger, on July 28, 1991, three months before his due date. Colten died instantly on Oct. 3, 2012 from injuries sustained in a roll over pickup accident near the family ranch in Lance Creek, Wyo.

Colten was raised on the ranch and loved all things involved with country life. He loved puppies, lambs, and calves. He was goal oriented even as a kid, learning to ride a bicycle so he could move on to motorcycles! He was a member of the High Plains Motocross Association, winning many trophies for his riding ability. Colten was exceptionally talented at Enduro racing and earned many trophies at that as well. He attended the Lance Creek country school from kindergarten to sixth grade and began seventh grade at Lusk Middle School, graduating from Niobrara County High School in 2010. Colten lettered in wrestling and football, and was involved in 4-H and Rodz and Ridez Car Club with his 1968 blue Chevelle winning the "Best Under 21" category at the Rawhide Car Show. He also enjoyed playing an Indian at The Legend of Rawhide Pageant. Colten enjoyed hunting with his father and trapping bobcats. He cut firewood to earn his Close Up trip to Washington D.C. Colten was consistently on the Honor Roll and was Student of the Month. He enjoyed playing the role of an old rich man in the Junior Class play. He was the Winter Fest King as a senior.

Colten went to Casper College for two years, earning a welders certificate after his first year. He was on the President's Honor Roll at College and planning to return for the spring semester at Casper to finish his Associates degree in Agriculture. This summer he built his welding bed for his truck "Lola", and had just completed it. Colten started CB Welding and Fabrication and had plans to build custom welding beds.

He loved to fix up and improve things around him. Colten fabricated a tricycle for the High School Homecoming competition; welding special power paddles on the front tire and is undefeated in competition to date!

He went to Camp Grace as a young teen and was saved there. His fellow campers voted him Honor Camper there!

Preceding him in death were his infant brother Keegan Will, and grandfathers Budd Burri Palmer, and Fred Bruegger, Jr.

Surviving him are his parents Shannon and Teri Bruegger; brothers Bradyn and Traylin, and sister Jessica; grandmothers Jan Bruegger and Darlene Palmer; uncles Shawn (Kim) Bruegger, Tom (Traci) Bruegger, Travis (Lisa) Bruegger, and aunt Lauri (Ty Battershell) Palmer; and cousins Kyle, Kassidy, and Kayce Bruegger; Thompson and Hailey Bruegger; Ryan and Cory Bruegger; and Hannah, Rachel and Grace Battershell. Colten was blessed with a large and loving family of relatives and friends.

Services were held at the Niobrara County Fairgrounds on Monday Oct. 8, 2012 with Pier Funeral Home handling the arrangements.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Lance Creek Church or donor's choice.

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