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Samuel "Sam" Martin Peet

(11/02/1872 - 11/15/1955)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/17/1955

Earl Peet's Brother Dies in California

Sam Peet of Orange Cove, Cal., brother of George Earl Peet, died Tuesday morning of a heart attack, according to word received by the latter shortly after noon the same day. Mr. Peet had been ill for some time and had suffered an attack Monday evening. He died in the course of a second seizure.

Mr. Peet is a brother-in-law of Mrs. Lillian Peet of Lusk. A sister, Mrs. Madge Purdy of Sioux Falls, S.D. also survives.

Tuesday afternoon George Earl Peet, accompanied by Harold Ogburn of the Highway Patrol, drove to Cheyenne where the former boarded a plane for California. Mr. Ogburn drove the Peet car home.

The Lusk Herald
December 1, 1955
Funeral Services for Sam Peet Held Nov. 18

Funeral services for Samuel M. Peet, 83, of Orange Cove, Cal., were held Friday morning, Nov. 18, at Cairns Orange Cove chapel. Mr. Peet, a brother of George Earl Peet of Lusk, died the preceding Tuesday following a heart attack.

Mr. Peet was a retired rancher and one of Orange Cove's first settlers, having purchased 20 acres and planted them to oranges when he went to California from South Dakota in 1913. He still lived on his original home place on Park Boulevard, one fourth mile east of town.

He is know to many in Lusk, having often visited here.

Besides his brother, Mr. Peet is survived by his wife, Mrs. Maude Peet, and a sister, Mrs. George Purdy of Sioux Fall, S.D.

George Eal Peet of Lusk left Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 15, immediately after receiving word of his brother's death. He spent some time after the funeral visiting relatives and friends in that vicinity, including Mrs. Delia Peet at Inglewood and Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Payne at Costa Mesa. He then flew to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Don Peet, and family, before returning home Friday, Nov. 25.

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