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William Agnew Jr.

(12/25/1838 - 10/06/1909)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/07/1909

Word reached here yesterday to the effect that Wm. Agnew, who went to his old home at Rummerfield, Pennsylvania, several weeks ago in hope that the change of climate would benefit his health, could no longer battle against the dread disease that had lain hold of him - that of heart trouble - and passed to the unknown. This news is a sad blow to his friends here, who are as numerous as his acquaintance, all of whom join in extending sympathy to the bereaved relatives. Mr. Agnew was a man of excellent habits, fine moral character, and sturdy constitution, and he continued to be active in his accustomed pursuits till long past the age at which men ordinarily drop out of the ranks of the works, being 71 years old.

The Lusk Herald
October 14, 1909
Resolutions of Respect

Whereas, It has pleased God, our Heavenly Father, to call from his earthly home our esteemed brother, William Agnew, be it therefore

Resolved, That we, the members of Custer Lodge No. 21, I.O.O.F., do extend to the family of our esteemed brother our most profound sympathy.

L.J. Lohlein
Ed. C. Daley
E. C. Hardegen

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See THE AGNEW FAMILY in the Historical Section. William is second from the left in the back row.
Photo courtesy of photographer Lyle Rockwell

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