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John Jacob Brahms

(02/06/1869 - 07/04/1926)
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Johann Jacob Brahms was born at Brunsbuettel, Dithmarschen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, nor far from where his wife was born. He came to America as an orphan in 1882 and settled in Council Bluffs, Iowa. From there he went to Pierce, Nebraska, where he met Louise Siemsen. They were married at Pierce on January 24, 1896.

In 1910 he moved his family to Van Tassel, Niobrara Co., Wyoming, before moving onto a homestead outside Jireh in 1913. Jireh is about 20 miles west of Lusk, Wyoming.

He died in Jireh, Niobrara Co., Wyoming, on July 4, 1926.

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1. Infant (1896-1897, Pierce, Pierce, Nebraska)

2. Agnes Marie Christina

3. Emma Margaretha

4. Dora Lena (Oct. 27, 1901, Pierce, Pierce, NE)

5. Alice Augusta

6. Infant (190?, Pierce Co., NE)

7. Mildred Margaretha (May 19, 1908, McLean, Pierce, NE) married Orville Windall Hayes May 23, 1922

8. Lawrence Henry

9. Ervin

10. Leonard Martin (Dec. 3, 1915, Jireh, Niobrara, WY) married Thelma Alice Pennington August 23, 1945


The Lusk Herald-Standard, July 12,1923

John Brahms was born at 
Brunsbuettel, Holstein, Germany, February 6, 1866. When sixteen years of age he came to America and settled at Council Bluffs, Ia., later moving to Pierce, Nebr. on January 24, 1896 he was married to Louise Seimsen. To this union were born ten children, two of whom preceded their father to the Better Land, and the remainder of whom all live close to home. In 1910 they moved to a homestead near  Van Tassell and three years later came to Jireh where they have since resided. Several weeks ago Mr. Brahms became very sick  and it was decided to take him to the state hospital in Evanston where he could have the best of care. His condition gradually  became worse until on Wednesday, July 4, he went on to his eternal rest. Funeral services were held on Sunday, at Jireh, in charge of his pastor, Paul Stengel, of the Lutheran church. The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved widow and the fatherless children.

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John and Louise [Siemsen] Brahms, 1906, with daughters Agnes and Emma, standing, Dora, seated, Alice, held by mother.Photo courtesy of Stephen Siemsen.

Gravestone photos used with permission from photographer Chuck James

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