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Louis W. Rogina

(12/20/1900 - 02/06/1945)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/08/1945


Mrs. Cecelia Crowley of Lusk received word Wednesday morning that her son, Louis William Rogina, had passed away in a hospital in Billings, Mont., Tuesday night, February 6th, after an illness of several weeks.

Louis Rogina was born at Blair, Neb., December 20, 1900, and with his family moved to South Dakota, when a small child. In 1909 the family moved to Niobrara County, where he attended school at Keeline and in 1921 was married to Miss Garnet Phillips of that community and later moved to Montana.

Surviving him are his wife and six children, his mother and four brothers and three sisters. The brothers are Edward Rogina, who is in the service, and now serving in France; John Rogina of Gordon, Neb.; Frank Rogina of Great Falls, Mont.; Andrew Crowley, in the service, wounded, and is now a patient in a hospital in the Philippines.

The sisters are Mrs. Agnes Brosnahan, Portland, Ore.; Mrs. Bertha Matel, Bonesteel, So. Dak.; Mrs. Rose Lyon, Wilmington, Cal.

Funeral arrangements were indefinite when Mrs. Crowley received the word.

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Photo used with permission from photographer Lorna Kappel.

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