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Wanda Amelia Kolego

(09/11/1915 - 07/17/1932)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/21/1932


Coroner's Jury Unable to Determine Cause of Death of Girl From North Country

Considerable mystery surrounds the death of Wanda Amelia Kolego, 17-year-old daughter of Mrs. Anna R. Kolego, who died from internal hemorrhage last Sunday night.

A coroner's jury empaneled here Wednesday afternoon, were unable to determine the exact cause of death, but returned a verdict that she came to her death from "internal hemorrhage, the cause of which was accidental or unknown."

Miss Kolego lived with her mother, Mrs. Anna R. Kolego, at a ranch 60 miles north of Lusk, just south of Snyder Creek.

From evidence given at the coroner's jury, it appears that Miss Kolego had been riding horseback all day. She first complained of an illness about 9:00 o'clock when going to bed. Mr. and Mrs. George Teas, neighbors, attempted to call a doctor at Lusk over the Lawrence Johnson telephone line, but found that the lines were down.

Being unable to secure a physician, she was brought to town by her mother and brother, Francis, in the George Teas car.

She was unconscious when Mr. and Mrs. Teas arrived at the Kolego home about 9:30, and prepared for the trip to town. She is believed to have been dead when the trip was started or died on the way. All efforts to revive her after she arrived in Lusk were futile.

An autopsy was performed by Dr. Reckling and Dr. Murphy, in an effort to determine the cause of death. Severe bruises were found on the right arm, and it was found that her stomach was filled with blood. She said nothing of being hurt while she was riding, and the cause of her death is still quite a mystery.

After an investigation, Coroner George Earl Peet decided that an inquest should be held, and empaneled a jury composed of Bob Himes, Albert Bruch and Ralph Jackson. The witnesses at the inquest were Mr. and Mrs. George Teas, Francis and Laura Kolego, Dr. Murphy, Dr. Reckling and Leonard Maier of the Malan Drug Store.

Funeral services were held from St. Leo's Catholic Church, with Rev. Father Fidelis officiating. Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery, arrangements being in charge of the Peet Mortuary. Pallbearers were Donald Peet, Kenneth Sturman, Ivan Fernau, Robert Vollmer, Fred Thoelke and Art Deetjen.

Wanda Amelia Kolego was born in Edmondton, Alberta, Canada, on September 11, 1914.

While an infant she located with the family in Chicago, Ill., living there for a period of five years. She came to Lusk in 1921, where she located with her family, 60 miles north of Lusk on Snyder creek.

She attended grade school in the Snyder Creek community and upon entering high school she went to Chicago during the years 1930 and 1931. Last year she attended the Lance Creek school.

She is survived by a father and mother, a brother, Henry, who is in Russia as a mining engineer; a sister, Lautra, (sic), and a brother, Francis, who live at the ranch.

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