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Millie Leola Eutsler

(01/25/1865 - 01/14/1939)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/19/1939


Another of the pioneer women of eastern Wyoming answered the call when Mrs. Minnie Eutsler passed away at the home of her son, Earl Eutsler on Saturday, January 14th, 1939 at the age of 74 years.

In the spring of 1889 Mrs. Eutsler and her husband and two small sons came to Wyoming from Kansas. They first located near Fort Laramie and then moved to the vicinity of Glendo and in 1901 moved to Manville where they resided until 1918 when they established their home on Lightning Creek northwest of that town.

Mrs. Eutsler's life was spent mostly in farm and ranch activities and having lived in the western country during the early years of its development she knew the discomforts and inconveniences of pioneer life.

Funeral services were held in Manville on Tuesday at two o'clock with Rev. D. J. Clark of Crawford, Nebr., officiating.

The pall bearers were eight of Mrs. Eutsler's grandsons and music was furnished by Mrs. O.M. Rasmusen, Mrs. Ab DeCastro, Mrs. Neletta Howard and Mrs. Curtis Baughn.

They sang "Old Rugged Cross," "Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?" and "Never Alone."

Burial was made in the Manville cemetery and funeral arrangements were in charge of the Peet Mortuary.

Minnie Leola Husted was born at Bowling Green, Ohio, Jan. 25th, 1865 the daughter of Philander and Domice Husted. She lived to young womanhood in Ohio and was united in marriage to Charles Augustus Eutsler at Lincoln Center, Kansas, Dec. 23, 1880.

In the spring of 1889 they moved to Wyoming so for 50 years this state has been Mrs. Eutsler's home.

Mrs. Eutsler was the mother of nine children, James Arthur, Edward G., Thos. E., Charles Theodore, Joseph W., Leo Roy, Harold, Bertha (Mrs. Dryer) of Whitman, Wyo., and Annie Pearl Bowlds, Livingston, Mont.

Her husband and two sons, James and Theodore, and one brother preceeded her in death. Her husband having passed away Sept. 11, 1925.

Since 1903 Mrs. Eutsler was a member of the Congregational church and lived the principles of a true Christian woman.

Besides her seven surviving children and one sister, Mrs. Eutsler leaves a large number of friends to love her in fond memory.

Note from Family Source, Randy Eutsler
There appears to be numerous errors in this Obit. The son she lived with at the time of her death was one of her eldest, Thomas Earl Ramus "Uncle Earl" Eutsler. The correct name should be Millie Leola (Husted) Eutsler (not Minnie).

In the spring of 1889 Mrs Eutsler and her husband and two small sons came to Wyoming from Kansas. Millie's husband was a Cowboy and traveled from Kansas to Montana with the cattle drives in the 1880's. In 1887 he found a plot of land that is today under Glendo Lake. When the water is low the chimney can still be seen. He sent a message to his wife back in Kansas to follow the railroad tracks until they ended and he would meet her there. With 3 sons under 5 yrs she did so. Her first child born in Wyoming was a little girl in 1888, her name was Pearl Annis, and she only lived a few days. She is memorialized on a headstone in Glendo along with 2 of her brothers who died from the Measles epidemic of 1901. They sold their place near Glendo about 1912, and moved to the Manville/Lusk area.

Her Mother, listed as Domice Husted is actually Demice Dessius (Patrick) Husted. Her husband listed as Charles Augustus Eutsler is Charles Augusta Eutsler. The son listed as Edward G is really Edward C (middle name was Claude), known as "Ted" Eutsler. His homestead was 4 miles West of town and was known as Uncle Ted's Cabin. This Ted as married to Clara Estelle (Spaugh) Eutsler. The son listed as Joseph W. was really John William "Joe" Eutsler. He was my grandfather. The son listed as Harold, was Charles Harold but everyone around the family knew is as "Uncle Jing".

Those who precede her in death included 2 more brothers who died as children and are not mentioned. She also had 8 half-brothers & sisters that are not mentioned.

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