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Cpl. Alfred Lincoln Schutt

(02/20/1920 - 04/22/1945)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/10/1945

Two More Men Are Killed in Germany

The surrender in Germany came too late to save the lives of two more local men fighting in Germany.

(The first part of this article gives the details of the death of Corporal Reinholdt H. Klemke, killed in action in Germany, April 21.)

Though few details have been learned, Cpl. Alfred L. Schutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schutt of the Mule Creek vicinity, was killed April 23 in Germany. He was among the first to go into the service.

A brother, Roy Schutt, was home on furlough from overseas duty this spring and has now been granted a permanent discharge so that he may assist his parents on the ranch.

The Lusk Herald
May 31, 1945
Otto Schutts Get Letter concerning their Son's Death

At the time that Mr. and Mrs. Otto Schutt received the brief telegram informing them of the death of their son, Alfred Lincoln Schutt, who died in Italy of wounds received in action, they told The Herald that they would send in any additional information, and the following letter has now been received:

"I deeply regret that it is necessary to confirm the telegram of recent date informing you of the death of your son, Technician Fifth Grade Alfred Lincoln Schutt, Quartermaster Corps, who died as a result of wounds received in action, in Italy, on April 22, 1945."

Alfred was born in Wyoming February 20, 1920. He and his brother Roy enlisted in the National Guard at Edgemont, S.D., in September, 1940. He served one year at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and left for overseas with the first A.E.F., and landed in Ireland January 26, 1942. Spent nine months in the British Isles, went from there to Africa, landed at Oran in December, 1942; at the end of the African campaign he went to Italy, landing at Naples almost a year later. From the time they enlisted in the Army the two brothers served in the same company up until December, 1944, when Roy returned home on rotation furlough. At the time of Alfred's death he had been awarded the European theatre of operations ribbon with three battle stars, the pre-Pearl Harbor ribbon, the good conduct ribbon and also the drivers medal. Alfred grew to manhood on his father's farm, attending school both in Wyoming and South Dakota, where he completed the 8th grade.

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