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Carl Albert York

(10/28/1889 - 12/01/1918)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 12/05/1918

- The Manville News - Carl York, one of the younger sons of John York, Sr., of Shawnee, who was brought to Manville last Monday from the south country, where he was working with his brother Tom with his threshing outfit, died at the Manville hospital on Sunday evening from pneumonia following an attack of influenza.

He was buried at Prairie View Cemetery on Monday.

Lost Spring Times, December 5, 1918

Death Takes Toll
The chronicle of events may not always have good news to tell. In his stories there may be mingled the (heights) of joy and the depths of sorrow. In the midst of joyful homemaking, death may come, and the builders separated or both taken, and the home is shattered, the picture broken.

It is our province to record the sad news of the death of Mrs. Jacob Seegrist at her home in Manville last week. Little twin babies died with the mother, we were told.

Rev. Thomas kindly sent to the Times the following notices of the death and burial of Mrs. Seegrist and Carl York. ...

Carl Albert York
Friends and relatives of Carl Albert York were shocked to hear Saturday morning that he had been sick at Manville since Monday and that the doctors thought he could not live. Death came to him Sunday evening about five o'clock.

Interment was in the Prairie View cemetery Monday afternoon at two o'clock Rev. Thomas holding a short service at the grave.

Carl was born near Pleasant Hill, Mo. Nov. 26, 1889. He came to Wyo. Nearly two years ago with the parents and other brothers.

The mother died a few months after they came, two younger sisters had also preceded him in death.

The father, two sisters and four brothers remain to mourn the loss of one they all loved.

Many friends also remember Carl as a good friend and young man of many good habits.

We extend to the stricken relatives the sympathy of the community.

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