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Marlin Dennis Peet

(06/20/1846 - 10/06/1926)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/07/1926

Father of Local man Passes Away at Home in Burton, Neb., Oct. 6

Earl Peet received the sad news Wednesday morning that his father, Marlin D. Peet had passed away at his home at Burton, Neb. Mr. Peet left shortly after receiving the message. The deceased is well known here and the many friends will be grieved to learn of his passing. A complete obituary will be carried in our next issue.

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Marlin Dennis Peet

Marlin Dennis Peet was born in Fairview, Jones County, Iowa, June 20, 1846. He was united in marriage to Paulina C. Gilliland on March 25, 1896. (1869) To this union were born five sons and one daughter, James Harry of Englewood, Calif., Samuel Martin of Orange Cove, Calif., Bertie Stace, Wilbur Dale of Gordon, Neb., George Earl of Lusk, Wyo., and Mrs. George W. Purdy of Gordon, Neb. He departed this life October 6, 1926, at his home in Burton, aged eighty years, three months and sixteen days.

In 1891 he located on land seven miles northeast of Spring view, in Burton creek valley. To this land several sections have been added, which constitute the ranch owned by him at the time of his death. He retired from active ranch life in 1912, but real estate interests have occupied his time since that year. He is survived by his widow and children, with the exception of Bert S., who preceeded him in death eleven years ago.

Funeral services, conducted by Rev. W. H. Merrill, were held in the church at Burton and burial was in the Ainsworth cemetery.

Card of Thanks
We wish to express our sincere thanks for the many kind deeds extended to us, also for the beautiful floral offerings, during our recent bereavement. There is strength and consolation in knowing that we are in the midst of people whose love has prompted them to show such kindness.

Mrs. P.C. Peet, children and grandchildren.

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