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Louis "Louie" Krejci

(11/06/1901 - 11/28/1997)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/03/1997

Louis Krejci, 96, died Friday, Nov. 28, 1997, at Niobrara County memorial Hospital in Lusk, WY.

Louis Krejci was born 17 miles northeast of Hemingford, Neb., on Nov. 6, 1901, the second youngest child of James H. and Barbara (Jirsa) Krejci's eight children. He attended a nearby country school until the sixth grade.

During his boyhood, he and his brother Fred herded and watered cattle in the summer for their father a few miles southeast of the family home at the foot of the Sand Hills, riding his bicycle back and forth some days.

Near the end of July 1920, Louis moved to Wyoming at the request of his brother Rudolph, because Rudolph was too ill to finish building up the homestead on which he had filed. Rudolph died in the fall of 1921, leaving Louis to inherit his homestead and to finish proving up on it.

When he was old enough in 1923, Louis filed a homestead claim of his own, adjoining those of brothers, Rudolph and James. He survived by trapping coyotes and hunting rabbits.

In 1925 he raised a large corn crop and went into the hog business. He loved farming and tractors; being a good mechanic and blacksmith, he sharpened the plow lays he used in his own farming operation. His first tractor was a two-cylinder Avery. In the summer of 1929, he expanded his operation to a custom service when he purchased a brand new John Deere D. Tractor and a Red River Special thrashing machine, thrashing first his own crops and then those of people all over the surrounding area, some of whom paid very little or nothing at all on the bills they owed.

He soon tired of that enterprise, sold his hog operation and, in 1931, got his start in the cattle business and when his good friend, Albert Rankin, gave him six heifer calves for tending Rankin's place all winter while Rankin was away. Since the water source on the homestead was poor, Louis drilled the area's first deep water well, a feat no one had thought could be accomplished. It was a great success.

On Oct. 20, 1937, Louis married viola J. Coffman, and to this union were born two children: Harry and Maryevelyn, both of whom still reside on the family ranch. Louis helped Viola build up and prove up on her own homestead. They lived there several years, before moving to Louis' homestead 15 miles northeast of Lance Creek where they remained for the rest of their lives. Soon after they began buying up adjoining homestead to increase the size of their operation. They built and mended nearly all the fences around their place as most of their neighbors wouldn't build fence.

Summer haying was an annual project they both enjoyed, and they put up hay together nearly every year.

Louie enjoyed music; he played the accordion while his brother James played the fiddle for many area dances in the earlier years.

Always willing to lend a helping hand, he worked until bad health forced his retirement at the age of 93.

He is survived by his son Harry and daughter Maryevelyn of Lance Creek; his sister, Emma Kittleman of Lusk; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Preceding him in death were his wife, his parents, one sister and five brothers.

Services were held Tuesday, Dec. 2, at the Bader Funeral Home. Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Memorial may be made to the Lance Creek Community Church.

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