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Dillie Dieleman

(11/30/1883 - 11/03/1917)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/08/1917

The community was shocked last Saturday by the sad news of the death of Mrs. Will Dieleman southwest of town.

Dillie was born in Kansas in 1884, the daughter of R. Kipp and Dillie Kipp. She was married to William Walter Dieleman in 1906. For several years they were actively engaged in farming near Fairview. In the spring of 1910 the lure of the West and the homesteads called. With true pioneer spirit they homesteaded southeast of Lost Springs, Wyoming. To this union five children were born, four sons and one daughter. However, this bright picture was marred, for in the fall of 1917 the plague of diptheria entered their home and their eldest sons, twins, aged ten and one-half were called away; and one month later their beloved mother and wife joined them.

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