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Selmer "Sonny" Freddie DeSersa

(11/08/1950 - 02/29/2016)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/09/2016

Selmer Freddie (Sonny) DeSersa passed away on February 29, 2016 in Worland, Wyoming due to a lengthy illness.

Sonny was born on November 8, 1950 in Rapid City, South Dakota to Leo and Selma (Evenson) DeSersa. The third out of ten children, he spent his childhood in Lusk, attending the Niobrara County School system. Graduating in 1969. He enjoyed playing football and wrestling on school. In the summers he would work for local ranchers haying for them.

After graduation he served in the United States Navy during Vietnam era. He served on the air craft carrier the USS Hancock. After his time serving our country, he was married to Junita Hamer from Harrison. Unto this union two children were born, Steve and Tracy. He married a second time, he and Marcie DeSersa had three more children. Billy, Becky, and Sheila.

Among other jobs, Sonny worked as an activities director in a nursing home in South Dakota and at the Children's Home in Casper, Wyoming. His later years he was a painter and was in the landscaping business in Lusk.

One of his passions was family history, he spent hours on research putting information together. He and another sister joined the Rosebud Sioux Tribe after traveling there for more information on the DeSersa family tree. One of his proudest moments is when his grandson Jacob DeSersa of Hot Springs took first place in South Dakota State Wrestling.

Proceeding him in death were parents Leo DeSersa, Selma Rogina, and Stepfather, Ed Rogina. Sister Delores Felzien and brother Gene Rogina. Several nieces and nephews.

Sonny is survived by his children, Steve, Tracy, Bill, Becky, and Sheila. Sisters, Nina Achenbach of Sheridan, Wyoming. Arlene Smith and Evie Gerber of Worland. Kathy Brown of Big Springs, Nebraska. Liz Ogle of Brush, Colorado. Doris Johnson of Manville, Wyoming and Carrie Kraft of Lusk, Wyoming. And grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. A memorial service was held in Worland, Wyoming on Friday, March 5th.

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