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Amos Lincoln Spaugh

(01/13/1861 - 04/30/1887)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/06/1887

Died - On April 30th, at the residence of his brother, at Manville, Amos Spaugh. Mr. Spaugh came to Wyoming for his health, but consumption had acquired too strong a hold, and nothing could save the sufferer. The friends of the deceased have the sympathy of the community where he was so well known.

The funeral took place on Wednesday, and was largely attended by Lusk citizens.

The Lusk Herald, March 22, 1934

On Monday of this week, George Earl Peet was engaged in the labor of transferring the remains of another of our early cowboys, from his pioneer burial place to a final resting place in an established cemetery at Manville.

Amos Spaugh, brother of Addison A.Spaugh of Manville, passed away at the Spaugh ranch at Manville in May 1886, and was interred on a hillside, one mile northwest of Manville. This was the year the Northwestern railroad was built through this country.

Mr. Spaugh was a cowboy, as were most men here at that time. In the fall of 1885 he contracted a severe cold while on the roundup, from which he failed to recover, and in the spring quick consumption soon took his life.

It has been the plan of Addison A. Spaugh for years to have his brother's remains removed to a more suitable location, and to have at last accomplished the task is a source of much satisfaction to him. Mr. Peet completed the task Monday.

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