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Charles Earl Pilgrim

(06/17/1946 - 04/10/1982)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/15/1982

Charles Pilgrim dies in Oregon

Funeral service for Charles E. Pilgrim 35, a former Lusk resident, will be held at St. Leo's Catholic Church this Friday at 2 p.m. Pilgrim, a resident of New Port, Ore., was born in Lusk, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Elgy Pilgrim, now of Gillette. Tillie Serres of Harrison is his grandmother.

A complete obituary will be published in next week's issue of The Lusk Herald.

The Lusk Herald
April 22, 1982
Charles Earl Pilgrim

The Mass of Resurrection was said Friday, April 16, at Saint Leo's Catholic Church in Lusk for Charles Pilgrim. Father Tony Jablonowski officiated. "The Old Rugged Cross" and "In the Garden" were sung by Charles Bruch with accompaniment on the organ by Karen Edinger.

Mr. Pilgrim, a native of Lusk, died in Oregon April 10.

Service was held at the Bateman Funeral Home in Newport, Ore., on Wednesday, April 14, with Chaplain Clayton C. Shepherd officiating. The music was by Merrill Womach and included the organ prelude and postlude.

Pallbearers were Robert Moore, Gary Albers, Roy Dygert, Ted Jones, Darrell Dirke and Jack Simpson. Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Charles Earl Pilgrim was born to Elgy and LaVonne Serres Pilgrim on June 17, 1946, in Lusk. He was a long-time resident of Gillette, but had been operator of Pilgrims' Texaco Station in Newport, Ore., for the past four years.

Pilgrim was a veteran of the Vietnam Era serving in the United States Air Force; a member of the Newport Elks Lodge No. 2105; a member of the Newport Eagles New Yac Aerie No. 2817; a member of the Newport Veterans of Foreign #Wars; a member of the Newport Chamber of Commerce; and a member of the Newport Boosters Club.

Survivors include his wife, Dorothy; two children, Robin E. Pilgrim of Sheridan, Chris Pilgrim at home in Newport; his parents, Elgy and LaVonne Pilgrim of Gillette; one grandmother, Tillie Serres of Harrison; and one sister, Vicki Griggs of Denver.

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