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Randy Scott Moore

(08/16/1951 - 04/21/2015)
Courtesy of Family Sources, 04/15/2021

On August 16, 1951 Randy Scott Moore was born to John & Jeanette Moore in Lusk, WY. He lived there on the family ranch for several years. Randy joined the Navy as a young man. He served in the Vietnam War and was proud to be a Veteran. Randy spent many hours helping people for the holidays through the VFW. His heart was kind and compassionate, he never met someone he wouldn’t lend a helping hand to.

In December 1976 he met Hertha Grunewald and on December 24, 1977 they married and started a life together. She was his one and only. Hunting, fishing and camping in the Bighorn Mountains was one of his favorite things to do and was a family tradition.

Randy was a hardworking man, he loved his job running heavy equipment and he took great pride in his work and never left a job unfinished.

Randy’s three girls and six grandchildren always brought a smile to his face. He was an amazing husband, father and grandfather. He spent many evenings playing trucks, dolls and water fights.

Randy was stubborn, he stood up for what he believed in. He never gave up without a fight. When he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 he never stopped fighting. He gave it everything right to the end. He always had a strength that was undying and a heart so big, it touched so many.

Randy passed away peacefully in his home April 21, 2015 surrounded by his family. He is preceded in death by his father John Moore and his sister Rita Hubbard. He is survived by his mother Jeanette(Keith) Farrington, his sister, Yodi (John) Miles, his wife Hertha Moore, His three daughters Michelle(Chris) Rubright, Leslie Diebert(Mike Mathys) and Randi(Evan) Van Norman and his six grandchildren Chelleby, Tyler, McKenna, Merlin, Payton and Wyatt, and several nieces and nephews.

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