Property Details

220 S Main

Block: 5
Lot: 10
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOT 10

O.P. Skaggs Grocery Store was in this location in 1931

Budget Food Market in 1946

There was a bar in this location from 1975 forward, "The Pub."

Attorneys Frank Barrett & Wm. G. Watt were located over the Budget Food Market

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank
07/23/1906 - Demmon, O. J. Warranty Deed
04/17/1918 - Howes, George H. Warranty Deed
03/07/1927 - Skaggs Grocery Store Brown, Herbert C. Warranty Deed Skaggs Grocery Store (1931)
01/02/1946 - Budget Food Market Willard, Alan G. Warranty Deed Frank Barrett & William G. Watt, Attorney's over Budget Food Market
10/18/1971 - Cook, David T., et ux Warranty Deed
04/10/1975 - Sutherland, E. E. Warranty Deed Bar
12/02/1975 - Rife, Ramon K., et ux Warranty Deed Bar
05/16/1977 - Jordan, Sherry J. Warranty Deed Bar
06/25/1982 - Charlie's Inc. Warranty Deed Bar
04/06/1992 - The Pub Sam's Saloon, Inc. Aff
12/23/1996 - The Pub Nelson, R. Dean Warranty Deed
07/01/2003 - The Pub The Pub, LLC Warranty Deed
02/11/2008 - The Pub L & J Halligan, LLC Warranty Deed

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