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Block: 5
Lot: 15,16,17
Legal: LUSK OT BLK 5 LOTS 15-16-17

Businesses at This Property

Date Range Business Owner Type Notes
- Lusk, Frank S.
09/06/1894 - Lusk, Frank S. to Thomas R. Bruce Warranty Deed
06/27/1904 - Adams, Noah Warranty Deed
06/08/1906 - Bell, Thomas Warranty Deed
03/15/1919 - Tom Bell Cattle Co. - Lusk Improvement & Development Co. Warranty Deed
05/08/1919 - Snyder Mercantile H. C. Snyder & Co. Warranty Deed
08/12/1927 - Will Hassed, Sheriff to Henry M. Satre Certificate of Sale
08/12/1927 - Satre, Henry M.
11/10/1932 - Midwest Hardware Midwest Hardware Co. Lease
07/01/1935 - Gibson, George & Helen Ethel Warranty Deed Gemila's Beauty Shop, 1 door S (1949)
07/01/1971 - Golden Rule Lyon, Harry Warranty Deed Otto Klemke in the Midwest Bldg.
09/27/1994 - Sperry Drug Store Sperry, Patrick D., et ux. Warranty Deed
08/30/2007 - Rawhide Drug Store Bemis, Kirk F. Warranty Deed
02/23/2015 - Rawhide Drug Store BD3, Inc., a Wyo Corp. Warranty Deed

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