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Silver Cliff Hotel Radium Baths

Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/11/1922


The Lusk Herald, July 11, 1922

First Two Units Completely Installed—Others Will be Added as Fast as Manufacturers Can Complete Equipment—To Bring Many From All Over World Here

The Silver Cliff Radium Baths, occupying the north wing of the Silver cliff hotel, were thrown open to the world today, with two units completely installed and Prof. H.P. Lane, of Boston, in charge.

So quietly have the plans been carried forward that few people, even here in Lusk, were aware that the first move forward establishing the much talked of Radium Sanitarium had been brought to actual accomplishment, but now that the initial units are in operation, the rest will follow rapidly and Lusk will become the mecca of the maimed and ailing from all parts of the country, if not the whole world.


Europe’s radium supply, secured almost entirely from the pitch blend deposits in Austria, is practically exhausted, so the world must look to America for its future supply, and now mines so far discovered in this country, are so rich or well located as those just at the edge of Lusk.


Both local and eastern men are interested in the silver Cliff Radium Baths, the first units having been installed and ready before the organization of their company was undertaken, but from this time forward it is planned to increase the equipment as rapidly as materials can be secured for, with an intensive advertising program going forward it will be but a short time until the greater portion of the present Silver Cliff hotel building will be called into service and it will be an easy step from that to a larger sanitarium.


Silver Cliff radium Baths, incorporated, was formed within recent days. L.H. “Yoy” Johnson is president; Dr. W.H. Hassed, vice-president and medical director and E.O. Stratton, secretary and treasurer.


Prof. H.P. Lane, of Boston, arrived in the city Sunday to take charge of the bath department. Professor Lane was for two years in charge of the baths at Hot Springs, Va., and for four years in charge of the bath department in the Massachusetts General Hospital, at Boston. In addition to being an expert Swedish masseur, he is a registered nurse and experienced electric eliminating light baths operator.


The two units already in operation include one of the latest Burdick electric eliminating light bath cabinets and one radium bath, equipped with an especially constructed radium activator, an appliance devised by Dr. E. Stillman Bailey, of Chicago, who has made a life study of radium therapy, and will be connected with the local institution in an advisory capacity until such time as his continued presence is required.

It is generally recognized that the principal medicinal quality of the waters of most of the hot springs now known, is radium. In some waters the mysterious element is more pronounced than in others, but none contain enough of the element to relieve certain people. There is where the Silver Cliff Radium Bath will step off in advance of the rest of the world. The radium activator appliance permits the operator to administer just as much or just as little of the element as the physician may direct, something never before attempted and a marked advance over other methods.

What a wonderful future is before the Silver Cliff Radium Baths is certain and every firm and individual in Lusk and vicinity will come in for a share of the benefits, directly, or indirectly, so try your hand at boosting. Tell strangers with whom you come in contact and soon the tide of visitors will be coming.

Here is to the Silver Cliff Radium Baths and Lusk the radium town.


The Lusk Herald, August 22, 1922

Two tiny vials containing another supply of pure radium were received in Lusk last week. They are the property of the Silver Cliff Radium Baths and contain several milligrams which were accompanied by a government document certifying that they contained pure radium.

These little glass vials are wrapped in cotton and then inserted in lead tubes which were in turn securely wrapped and packed for mailing.

It is understood that the latest relay from Vienna gives the total amount of pure radium in the world as four ounces, four milligrams.

Take time and make a visit to the baths that are going to make Lusk famous, then you can tell the visitors a few years hence, how you saw the baths grow from their present quarters to the big institution which they will then occupy.

The office is nicely furnished in oak office furniture. On the desk sits a small glass jar containing what looks like ordinary water covered with a small lens which has somewhat the appearance of a microscope but the management will tell you that this instrument is a radioscope which is used to show the radio activity or radium emanations which are contained in the water when drawn from the activator.

This arrangement of equipment makes it possible for all patients to see for themselves the activity of the waters used in the baths.

The bath room is all in white and most pleasing to the eye. It contains the radio-vitant eliminating light bath, which is the electric bath cabinet. The tub for the radium bath is also in this room. On the wall by the side of the tub is a white cabinet containing bottles of various shapes and sizes connected with tubes which look very much as though one were looking at a chemist’s laboratory.

Here you have explained to you the process with which the bath water is charged with radio activity. You can see the gas bubbling in the water and hear it escape if the cork is removed.

In an adjoining room, also in white, is found the massage table. Handy to this is the Fischer electo-therapeutic-frequency, better known to us common folks as the violet ray.

Many more articles of equipment are on the way, so that as time goes on and the demand arises, more units may be installed.

It is no longer necessary for people to go to foreign lands to partake of radium baths and drink radio-active water, since a more efficient health giving water, according to eminent authorities, is to be found right here in Lusk.

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