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Carl Junior DeGroot

(12/06/1920 - 04/27/1971)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/06/1971

Funeral Service for Carl DeGroot Saturday in Lusk

Funeral services for Carl Junior DeGroot, 50, who died April 27 at the Veterans Hospital, Hot Springs, S. D., were held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 at the Peet Mortuary in Lusk. The Rev. Fred Bolinger officiated. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery. Weiten Dupes Post No. 4 held Military honors with Ted Stratton blowing Taps.

Mrs. A. F. DeCastro, organist, accompanied Tim Johnson, soloist, as he sang "The Lord's Prayer" and "How Great Thou Art."

Casket bearers were Ray Olafson, Johnnie Thon, James Shillean, Walt Fernau, Ed Plumb and Bud Morgan.

Honorary bearers were Claude Redding, George Dixon, Andy Crowley, Frank Christian, Earle Townsend, Fred Sullivan, Otto Knittle, John Jassman, Nick Kaan, Sr., Charles "Bud" McCarthy, Mike Kilmer and L. T. Bonner.

He was born to Carl Everett and Maude Alice Maxon DeGroot, pioneer settlers of Natrona and Fremont counties Wyoming, on December 6th, 1920 at Shoshoni, Wyo.

In 1925 he moved with his family to Lusk where he attended the public schools and was graduated with the class of 1939 from Lusk High School. During his high school years he was employed in the Safeway store, and after graduation became a printer apprentice at The Lusk Herald.

During World War II he enlisted in the U. S. Army June 26, 1942, and was inducted into service July 26, 1942, at Fort Warren, Wyo. He received his training at Camp Forest, Tenn., and later was stationed in Phillips, Kan., Laguna, Ariz., and embarked from Fort Dix, N. J., July 1st, 1944, in the European Theatre serving in Northern France and the Rhineland as a radio operator. He was assigned to Headquarters Co., 1st Bn., 317 Infantry, 80th Division. He was wounded in action September 8th, 1944, in the European Theatre and was awarded the Purple Heart. He held the rank of sergeant, and was attached to the 2986th Provisional Company. His discharge from active duty was given December 28th, 1945, at Fort Logan, Colo.

Returning to Lusk he was employed at the Budget Food Market for several years. He then accepted the managership of a Sawyer Grocery store in Glendive, Mont. In 1950 he became affiliated with Nash-Finch Company as a salesman and made his home in Crawford, Neb.

June 18, 1951, he bought the Neighborhood Grocery at Lance Creek, Wyo., and operated it as the Ideal Market. He closed this store and moved it to Lusk where he established the Southside Grocery. The business was then sold to Joe Jones, who in turn sold it to the Lusk Cold Storage. Mr. DeGroot was then employed as a truck driver by Jones Trucking. In later years, he was employed in janitorial work. He is a member of Wieten-Dupes Post #4, American Legion of Lusk, and the Wm. D. McKibben Post #7562, V. F. W., of Lance Creek.

He was preceded in death by his parents, three brothers, James, Daniel and Donald. Survivors include three brothers Everett C. of Riverton, Wyo., Val R. of Lusk, and John A. of Arvada, Colo.; four sisters, Mrs. Ben R. (Margaret) Sturman, and Mrs. Ada D. Vogel of Lusk; Mrs. James B (Dorothy) Tenney and Mrs. Phyllis Manning of Arlington, Texas, and numerous nieces and nephews.

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