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Maude Alice DeGroot

(10/09/1884 - 04/20/1964)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/30/1964

Funeral Held for Maude DeGroot

Funeral services were held from the Peet Chapel for Mrs. Maude DeGroot Friday with the Rev. Theodore Foster, rector of St. George's Episcopal Church officiating.

Mrs. DeGroot, 79, died April 20 in Converse County Memorial Hospital in Douglas following a lingering illness. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Mrs. Robert Bramlet and Dr. Richard Collins sang, "Crossing the Bar" and "Beyond the Sunset." Mrs. J. P. Watson was the organist.

Pallbearers were: George R. Sturman, James R. Sturman, Jerry L. Sturman, Walter E. Sturman, Harold M. Sturman, Charles A. Vogel, David M. DeGroot and Donald E. Johnson.

Maude Alice Maxon was born October 9, 1884 at Green River, Wyo. the daughter of Alice Eleanor Dow and Egbert Pharel Maxon. As a child she was baptized and later confirmed in the Episcopal church of Green River. Her education was received in St. Mary's Academy in Cheyenne where she specialized in music and art. Following the death of her father, the family moved to Lynn and later to Boston, Mass., where they spent several years. Returning to Wyoming, the family made their home in Shoshoni where she was employed in the office of Ed Crabb, pioneer surveyor and abstracter.

One May 16, 1909 she and Carl Everett DeGroot were married. They made their home at Lost Cabin and Arminto, Wyo., where Mr. DeGroot was engaged in the sheep raising and lumber business. In the winter, the family made their home in Shoshoni where the children attended public school.

Both, Mr. and Mrs. DeGroot took an active part in the civic and fraternal affairs of Shoshoni. Mrs. DeGroot was affiliated with the Episcopal Church and the Rebekah Lodge serving as the noble grand.

In September of 1925 the family moved to Lusk where they have since made their home. She became associated with the Congregational Community Circle during the first years of her residence in Lusk. She was also a member of the Silver Cliff Chapter of American War Mothers and the Wieten-Dupes Post No. 4, American Legion Auxiliary.

She is survived by four sons, Everett C. DeGroot of Riverton, Carl J. and Val DeGroot of Lusk and John A. DeGroot of Aurora, Col.; four daughters, Mrs. Margaret Sturman and Mrs. Ada Vogel of Lusk, Mrs. Dorothy Tenney of Costa Mesa, Calif. and Mrs. Phyllis Manning of Arlington, Tex.; 22 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

Maude DeGroot Dies Monday
Mrs. Maude DeGroot died Monday afternoon at Converse County Memorial Hospital in Douglas following a lingering illness.

Mrs. DeGroot is a long time resident of Lusk, residing here since 1925. Funeral services have been set for Friday, April 24, at 2:00 p.m. in the Peet chapel.

She is survived by four sons, Everett C. of Riverton, Carl and Val of Lusk and John of Aurora, Colo.; four daughters, Mrs. Ben Sturman and Mrs. Ada Vogel of Lusk, Mrs. Joe Manning of Arlington, Tex., and Mrs. James Tenny of Costa Mesa, Calif.

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