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Avanell Hodgson

(04/06/1921 - 01/29/2005)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/02/2005

Avanell Alter Hodgson

Avanell Alter Hodgson of Boulder and Longmont passed away on Jan. 29, 2005 of natural causes.

She was 83. Avanell was born to John F. and Louise Lipke Alter on April 6, 1921 in Lusk. She married James L. Hodgson on Dec. 10, 1941 in Lusk.

Avanell graduated from Niobrara County High School in Lusk and attended Denver University. She was a homemaker plus a 20-year volunteer at Boulder Community Hospital. She was a member of the 1st Congregational Church of Boulder, the Gay 90's Dance Club, the Boulder B&B Investment Club and the Boulder Country Club. Jim and Avanell married three days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Her husband enlisted in the Army Air Corp immediately after and she was a war bride stationed with her husband throughout the United States until her husband was stationed in the South Pacific during WWII.

Avanell and her family moved to Boulder in 1956 from Redwood City, Calif. All three of her daughters attended Boulder Valley Schools, which she was involved in during their school years.

She liked golfing, square dancing, traveling with her husband and volunteering at the hospital and the 1st Congregational Church.

She is survived by Eric and Georgia Mosher (Daughter) of Seattle, WA; Cal and Ava Lynn Fager (Daughter) of Arvada, Colo.; James and Kimberly Kalinski (Daughter) of Niwot, Colo.; Alberto and Melissa Real (Granddaughter) of Longmont, Colo.; Clay Mosher (Grandson) of Seattle, Wash.; Casey Fager (Grandson) of Arvada, Colo.; Sarita Fager (Granddaughter) of Arvada, Colo.; James Fager, US Navy; Quinn Kalinski (Grandson) of Niwot, Colo.; Amy Kalinski (Granddaughter) of Niwot, Colo.; Rebecca and Sophia Real (Great Granddaughters) of Longmont, Colo. Avanell is preceded in death by her husband, James Hodgson, her sister, Wyome Keys Bourret and her brother, Delmar Alter.

A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. on Thursday at Crist Mortuary Chapel.

Interment will follow at Mountain View Memorial Park in Boulder. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to Hospice Care of Boulder/Broomfield County, 1855 Plaza Drive, Louisville, CO 80027 or the charity of choice.

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Avanell Hodgson

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