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C. "Jack" H. Koerber

(12/13/1901 - 02/22/1970)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 03/05/1970

Last Rites Held Here for C. H. (Jack) Koerber

C. H. (Jack) Koerber, who died at Scottsbluff on February 22, was buried at Harrison with services from the Methodist church.

He was born December 13, 1901, in Rush Springs, Okla., and grew up around Clay Center, Kan. In 1926 he moved to Harrison where on December 24, 1927 he was married to Burnetia Smith.

The family lived in the Harrison community for many years where he worked as a mail carrier and later as a trucker and service station operator. Soon after his marriage he was injured and for most of his life was partially disabled. However, he did not let his impairment interfere with his work or with his family life.

In 1961 the Koerbers moved to Scottsbluff, and the last few years he was unable to work steadily, frequently being either hospitalized or laid up at home.

Surviving are his widow: two sons, Gerald H. of Los Angeles, Calif., and James C. of Aurora, Colo.; a sister, Mrs. Elza (Edna) Bell of Illinois; and two grandchildren.

The sermon delivered by the elder son at the funeral stated, in part, "He was a knight of the road and a friend to all. From this place where he is laid to rest a monument shall rise to his honor, overlooking the town and countryside and the people he loved. To these people he gave his all; a kind word, a big smile, and he gave whatever else they might need.

"He was really at home and king of the road behind the wheel in the cab of his truck. With sweat dripping from his brow as he drove down the road of life that he loved. Day after day, night after night, hour after hour, month and year on end. Through all of this life passed swiftly by. He gave his all that his two sons might get the education he never had. Yet he was a great teacher in his own way. Even I, his elder son didn't realize for many years that he was a king and a great teacher."

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