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Frank "Ed" Edward Leeling

(09/28/1881 - 07/10/1931)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 07/16/1931

Ed Leeling, Well Known Rancher Killed In Wreck

Another auto accident, occurring on the Cheyenne-Denver highway at 6:00 o'clock last Friday morning, crushed out the life of Frank Edward Leeling, for many years a resident of the Kirtley vicinity, and brought sorrow to a widow and one daughter, besides several brothers and sisters and a host of friends.

Mr. Leeling was accompanying a shipment of sheep which were being taken to the Denver market by H. H. Best, truckster of Van Tassell. The men had left the Leeling ranch with a double-deck load Friday evening and had traveled all night. When about 30 miles this side of Denver, Mr. Best noticed something peculiar about the steering of the truck. It was but a short time after that the machine went from under his control and took for the left ditch, striking it with such force as to cause the heavily laden truck to fall over toward the right side on the rebound of the impact. In some way, Mr. Leeling either jumped or was thrown from the cab, the top falling on his head, crushing it badly. He died as he was being taken to Platteville, a short distance from the scene of the accident. Mr. Best escaped injury.

The remains of Mr. Leeling were placed in charge of Walter J. Johnson, mortician of Platteville, who prepared the body for shipment to this city. George Earl Peet of the Peet Mortuary brought the body back to Lusk, and had charge of funeral arrangements locally.

Funeral services were held from the Congregational church Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, Rev. Edwin F. Irwin, pastor, officiating. A throng of friends and neighbors from the Kirtley community and many of this city attended to pay their last respects to a man whose acquaintance had been so much a part of their lives.

Following the church ceremony the cortege trailed to the Kirtley cemetery where burial was made. Pall bearers were Arthur Thompson, George Hammond, Ray Christian, Leonard Williams, Earl Shatto and James Paulson.

The obituary will be found in another column in this issue.

Frank Edward Leeling

Frank Edward Leeling was born at Eddyville, Iowa, September 28th, 1881. When he was seven years old he moved with his parents to a homestead north of Harrison, Nebraska, where he lived until he was a young man. Then he filed on a homestead at Kirtley, Wyoming, and in a few years he moved there to make his home.

On December 5, 1915, he married Irene A. Larson and to this union two girls were born, one dying at birth.

Mr. Leeling was killed in an accident the morning of July 10th, 1931 while trucking a load of sheep to Denver.

He leaves to mourn his death his widow, his daughter, Maxine, his mother, three sisters; Mrs. Carrie Thayer, of Harrison, Nebr.; Mrs. Roy Grant, of Chadron, Nebr.; and Mrs. Lee Lewis, of Harrison, Nebr.; two brothers, Joe and Herman Leeling of Kirtley, besides a host of friends and relatives.

Funeral services were held from the Congregational church at Lusk, Sunday afternoon, July 12, 1931, Rev. Edwin F. Irwin, pastor, officiating. Interment was made in the Kirtley cemetery.

Arrangements were under direction of the Peet Mortuary.

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