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Minnie Ellen Anderson

(07/23/1893 - 02/18/1973)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/22/1973

Minnie Anderson Long Resident, Dies on Sunday

Mrs. Minnie Anderson, 79, longtime Sioux County resident, died at Crest View Manor at Chadron on Sunday. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at Memorial United Methodist Church in Harrison with Rev. Larry Shrout officiating. Burial was in the Crawford Cemetery.

Funeral arrangements were made by Peet Mortuary of Lusk. Organist was Mrs. Ruth Hall who accompanied a quartet of Mrs. John Skavdahl, Mrs. Louise Serres, Mrs. Charles Mumby and Mrs. Allen Grimm singing "Face to Face" and "Under His Wings." Pallbearers were Bill Dunn, Eldon Morgan, Jerald Wallace, Bob Geiser, Carl Engebretsen, and Jess Locker.

Minnie Ellen Ring, daughter of August and Alice Ring, was born in Sioux County July 23,1893. She grew to womanhood on the family ranch in the Story community and taught several terms of school in the rural schools of that area.

On February 17, 1915, she was married to Walter Anderson. The purchased and lived on a nearby ranch where their three sons were born. For many years Minnie taught the home school.

In 1938 they moved to the August Ring ranch where they had lived until after her husband's death in 1960. In 1961 she moved to Harrison where she lived until entering Crest View Manor in 1971.

When her children were growing up, Mrs. Anderson and her family were active in a local Sunday school. It closed when many of the members moved away during the depression. In 1944 a Sunday school was opened under the auspices of the American Sunday School Union and Minnie was a faithful member until leaving the ranch. In her later years she attended the Harrison Methodist Church and was a member of the W.S.C.S.

Always hospitable, Minnie was never happier that when entertaining friends and relatives. Missionaries and ministers always found a warm welcome. Since theirs was the only home in a long, lonely stretch of road between Harrison and Edgemont, many a traveler was pulled out of the mud or snow, fed, warmed and sent on his way.

Mrs. Anderson was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, three sons, Elvin, Clair, and Lyle, two brothers and five sisters. She is survived by one sister, Helen Gunn of Lusk, Wyo., two daughters-in-law, three granddaughters, Mrs. Joe (Tonita) Whiteaker of Harrison, Mrs. Jim (Sandra) Walter of Hot Springs, S.D., and Mrs. Dave (Linda) Schroeder, Blair, Neb.; and four great-grandchildren.

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