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John Thomas Anstice

(01/08/1884 - 07/21/1973)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 07/26/1973

John Anstice graveside service Friday

Graveside service will be held in Lusk Friday at 2:30 p.m. for John T. Anstice, 89, former Lusk resident who died at his home in Winlock, Wash., July 21. Friends may call at the mortuary Friday prior to the time of the service.

Mr. Anstice raised his family in Lusk where he was a deputy sheriff and was active in welfare work during the early 30's. A complete obituary will be published in The Herald next week.

Survivors include his wife Ethel and two daughters, Mrs. Jennings Ruffing, Lusk, and Mrs. Lester Updike, Osage.

Mr. and Mrs. Ruffing went to Winlock this week and will return for the service.

The Lusk Herald
August 2, 1973
John Anstice Burial Here

Graveside service was held Friday at 2:30 p.m. for John Anstice, 89, at the Lusk Cemetery. The service was conducted by the Rev. Robert Boutwell with local Masons, C. E. Marvin, Henry Stiles, Menno Kaan, Fred Sheaman, Don Taylor and Merle Hahn as pallbearers.

Funeral service for Mr. Anstice, who died July 21 at his home in Winlock, Wash., was held at the Toledo Presbyterian Church in Toledo, Wash., July 25. The Rev. Kenneth Killin and the Winlock Mason Lodge officiated.

John Thomas Anstice was born January 8, 1884, at Girard, Ill., to Charles and Emma Anstice. He was their only child. He moved to Western Nebraska at the age of 15 and he and Ethel Durham were married November 29, 1906, in Stockville, Neb., and lived together for nearly 67 years.

He was a boilermaker by trade and followed the railroad shops in Nebraska until 1916 when he filed on a homestead near Lusk. In 1922 the family moved to Lusk where Mr. Anstice served as undersheriff until 1934 when he was elected county treasurer holding that office until 1938.

In 1938 they moved to Toledo, Wash., and in 1939 to a farm near Winlock where the family resided until his retirement in 1965 when they moved to Winlock.

He was a member of the Toledo Presbyterian Church and the Winlock Masonic Lodge. He served several times as patron of both the Toledo and Adah Chapters of the Order of Eastern Star, was a member of the Walter F. Mier Court, Order of Amaranth, past master of the Lone Yew Grange, Toledo; a member of the Hope Grange, Winlock, and a member of Lewis County Pomona Grange for over 30 years.

Suvivors include his widow, Ethel; two daughters, Mrs. Lester (Edith) Updike, Osage, and Mrs. Jennings (Bess) Ruffing, Lusk; six grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Out of town relatives attending the service were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Updike, Osage; Bill Updike, Anchorage, Alaska; Mrs. Russell Ogle and family, San Antonio, Tex.; Mrs. Dan Sherer, Evergreen, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith and baby, Rapid City, S. D.

John Ruffing, Houston, Tex., and Mr. and Mrs. Jennings Ruffing went to Winlock for the funeral service.

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John and Ethel Anstice
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