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D. "Jack" J. Magoon

(11/30/-0001 - 09/29/1931)
Courtesy of Lusk Free Lance, 10/29/1931

D. J. "Jack" Magoon, Former Niobrara Rancher, Dies at Oakland California

Note: In some manner which we are unable to explain, the story of the death of Mr. Magoon, as follows, after being set up in type, was omitted from our columns last week. We are deeply sorry this happened as we are certain the many friends of the deceased will grieve to learn of his passing. However, we accept all blame for the omission, and offer our apologies to relatives here.

Relatives and friends in Niobrara county were sorrowfully shocked last week when news reached W. L. Magoon, stockman of north of this city, that his brother, D. J. "Jack" Magoon had passed away at Oakland, Calif., on September 29th. The message did not come to Mr. Magoon until several days following the burial and the shock was doubly hard for that reason. Several days preceding his death, Mr. Magoon suffered a third stroke of paralysis, which is given as the direct cause of his demise.

Mr. Magoon was well known to many residents of this city and others throughout the county. He came to Wyoming in 1898, taking up land north of here as a farmer and rancher, and living there up until about three years ago, when he and his family moved to the coast. He suffered his first stroke five years ago, and after recovering from the effects thereof, decided to change residence to a lower climate. A second stroke followed some time after the family located at Oakland.

Mr. Magoon was 65 years, 9 months and 5 days of age at the time of death. He is survived by the widow, two sons, Willard and Angus, and two daughters, Abbie and Ella. Two brothers, W. L. Magoon of this city, and James Magoon of Oakland, and two sisters, Mrs. Olevah Aitken of Marshfield, Wis., and Mrs. Fred Caldwell of Harrisville, N.Y., also survive. Burial took place in an Oakland cemetery.

The Free Lance joins the many friends in extending sincere condolences to Mr. Magoon in the loss of his brother.

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