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James Mashek

(08/03/1865 - 02/26/1934)
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Jim Mashek Dies Here After Long Illness

James Mashek, 69, for the past 46 years a resident of this community, died Monday at the home of his brother, Henry Mashek, at Marsland, Neb., following a protracted illness. Cancer was the cause of his death.

Late last summer Mr. Mashek began to fail in health and since then he had been fighting a losing battle against the ravages of this dread disease. Last week he made the request that he be moved to his brother's ranch, which request was granted by his physician, who realized that he had but little longer to live. Less than a week after arriving at Marsland he died.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from the Congregational Church, with Rev. Edwin F. Irwin officiating.

Interment was made in the Lusk Cemetery, with Masonic rites in charge of Harmony Lodge of Lusk. In obedience to a request made by Mr. Mashek shortly before his death, Past Master R. I. Olinger of Newcastle officiated at the Masonic ceremony.

Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Midwest Mortuary with Carl Weymouth directing.

The pallbearers were E. M. Criss, R. A. Faulk, C. E. Marvin, P. P. Brown, Frank Chambers, and Will Hassed.


James Mashek was born in Czecho-Slovakia, August 3, 1865. In 1879, when he was 14 years of age, he came to America together with his family, and settled in Eastern Nebraska. The family first lived in Gates County, later moving to Boone County.

In 1888 he came to Lusk, where he has lived for the most part ever since. He followed the range, at one time being connected with the old LZ roundup. For a time he was in Johnson County. During the boom days of Lusk he was interested in oil in Lusk.

He joined the Masonic Order on February 8, 1916, and as long as he retained his health was a very active worker therein. During the year 1922 he was worshipful master.

He has been ailing for some time and died on Monday morning last, February 26th, at the home of his brother, Henry, who lives nine miles north of Marsland, Nebraska. He leaves to mourn his passing three brothers, Anton of Colorado, Aleck of Lusk, and Henry; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Pfister, and Mrs. Barbara Rider, both of Lusk; and many nephews and nieces. His mother and father preceded him in his death, his mother passing away in 1899 and his father in 1914 at the same place where Jim died. His brother, Gus, and his sister, Anna, likewise preceded him in death.

Lusk Free Lance
March 1, 1934
James Mashek is Called by Death; Burial Wednesday

James Mashek, a resident of Lusk and vicinity almost constantly for the past 45 years, passed away at the home of his brother, Henry, at Marsland, Nebraska, on Monday, February 26th, at the age of 68 years, 7 months and 23 days. He had suffered a lingering complaint for the past year.

It was about two weeks ago that he was taken to Marsland and at that time his condition was considered critical. He had suffered a great deal in the past several weeks and was confined to his bed most of that time.

The remains were brought to Lusk by the Midwest Mortuary of Crawford and funeral services held at the Congregational Church here on Wednesday, at 2 o'clock p.m. Rev. Irwin, pastor, preached the funeral sermon. Harmony Lodge No. 24, A.F.& A.M., had charge of the services at the grave. The remains were laid to rest in the Lusk Cemetery. Mr. Mashek was a native of Czechoslavakia, and was born on August 3, 1865. when he was 14 years old his family came to this country, settling in eastern Nebraska. In 1888 Mr. Mashek came to Lusk, where he has since resided most of the time. During most of this time he was engaged in ranch work, and at the time of the boom here, became interested in oil.

He was a member of the masonic order since 1916, and for years was an active member of the organization. During 1922 he served as worshipful master of the local lodge.

At the church, a mixed quartet, composed of Mrs. Floyd Deuel, Mrs. C. C. Browning, O.P. Harnagel and Ford B. Kuns, sang "it is Well With My soul," and "Abide With Me."

Pallbearers were E. M. Criss, R. A. Faulk, C.E. Marvin, P.P. Brown, Will Hassed and Frank Chambers.

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