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Carl Albin Pearson

(03/25/1886 - 04/05/1964)
Courtesy of No Source Available, 04/16/1964

Carl Pearson Services Held In Lusk Wed.

Funeral services were held last Wednesday from the Peet Chapel for Carl A. Pearson, well known rancher of the Hat Creek community, who died April 5 in the Niobrara Memorial Hospital after a lingering illness. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Services were conducted by Freddie Bryanton and Elinor Kleeb. Vera Houston, Lois Peterson and Glen Yung sang "A Little While" and "Sweet, Sweet Release." Annalee Keim was the organist.

Glen Yung officiated at the grave and the hymn "Blessed Homeland I'm Returning" was sung there.

Pallbearers were Carl Randall, William DeWitt, John DeWitt, A. G. Reynoldson, William Haworth and Glen Yung.

Honorary pallbearers were Claris David, Henry Wasserburger, Everett Bird, C. E. Marvin, James Barrett, Albert DeGering, Ray DeGering, George Story and Woodson Graham.

Carl Albin Pearson was born March 25, 1886 at Malmo, Sweden to Perr and Augusta Larson Pearson. He attended school in that community, he often remarked about the distance he had to walk to school when in the lower grades, which was between 6 and 7 miles. After finishing school he enlisted in the cavalry where he completed his military training in three years. The following year he managed a horse farm for the Swedish government. Following his release from the service of his country he worked as a carpenter and later as a butcher. He was employed as a butcher when he and a friend decided to come to the United States.

They came to the United States on the ship Mauretania, arriving at the New York Harbor April 10, 1910. Shortly after arriving he found employment on a dairy farm owned by Sam Johnson near Waukegan, Ill. He lived there for two years before coming to Sioux County, Neb. where he found employment on the John Anderson ranch as foreman. Later he worked for Bill Shepherd.

It was in this community that he met Miss Lillie Ring who became his wife June 30, 1919, in Lusk. Leaving Nebraska he came to Wyoming where he secured employment at the Pete Peterson ranch and was assistant mail carrier. He was an employee of the Dakota Oil Company for a number of years as a pumper. Before this time he had filed on a homestead north of Lusk, where he resided at the time of his death. Mr. Pearson was an invalid the last five years.

He is survived by his wife, Lillie; one son, Earl Pearson of Hat Creek; two daughters, Mrs. Doris Schutt of Edgemont and Mrs. Alice Sheaman of Hat Creek; ten grandchildren.

His parents, three brothers and one granddaughter, Karolyn Pearson, died previously.

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