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Lillian May Peet

(02/21/1880 - 03/30/1970)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/09/1970

Funeral for Mrs. Peet, 18 Years Lusk Librarian

Lillian May Peet, 90, a resident of Wyoming since 1900, died March 30, at the Platte County Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home in Wheatland. Funeral services were conducted from the Peet Mortuary in Lusk last Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery. The Reverend Allen Page of the Open Bible Church in Lusk and J. Douglas Neumann of Wheatland officiated.

Mrs. J. P. Watson, organist, accompanied Mrs. Alex Miller and Mrs. Dean Glandt as they sang "What a Friend We Have In Jesus" and " Rock Of Ages."

Casket bearers were George Dixon, C. E. Marvin, John Lorenzen, Harold Rogers, John Burke and Everette Brooks.

Mrs. Peet, the daughter of William and Anna Bayes was born February 21, 1880 at Springfield, Mo. In 1900 she moved to Dixon, Wyo. She married Bert Stace Peet Dec. 3, 1907, in Rawlins.

They homesteaded south of Node in 1914, later moving to Van Tassell where they operated a general merchandise store. Mr. Peet died Sept. 23, 1915 but Mrs. Peet continued to operate the store until 1929 when she moved to Lusk. She was librarian at the Carnegie Library in Lusk for 18 years. In the spring of 1969 Open House honoring the birthdays of Mrs. Peet and Mrs. Ona Higgins was held at the First Baptist Church of Lusk with many relatives and friends as guests. In June of that year Mrs. Peet entered the nursing home in Wheatland where she remained until her death.

She was a faithful member of the Open Bible Church of Lusk.

Her husband Bert and three grandchildren died previously.

Survivors include her son Stace and his wife, Elsie of Lyons, Kansas; one granddaughter, Mrs. Connie Neumann of Wheatland; one great-granddaughter; a brother-in-law, Earl Peet of Lusk and a sister-in-law Mrs. George Purdy of Rapid City, S. Dak.

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