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Leslie "Les" Samuel Schnorenberg

(09/29/1924 - 05/26/1989)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/07/1989

Leslie Samuel Schnorenberg

A child is born, a man dies; what lies between is the essence of his existence and his contribution to the world.

Born in the small eastern Wyoming community of Van Tassell on Sept. 29th of 1924, Leslie Samuel Schnorenberg began the adventure of life with the love and guidance of his parents, Walter and Edna Schnorenberg. Along with his two brothers Richard and Babe, Les attended the two-room school in Van Tassell until the family moved to Milwaukee, Wis., in 1941. Shortly after his graduation from high school in 1942, the family returned to Wyoming.

In 1943, Les enlisted in the Army, serving with the 6th Armored Division under General George Patton. During his service, Les was awarded the Bronze Star for his gallantry in the Battle of the Bulge. Upon being discharged as a Master Sergeant, Les returned to Lusk, where, after a short courtship, he married his true love and lifetime companion, Bette Morehouse. Together they were baptized into the Church of Christ.

Between 1948 and 1956, Les and Bette were blessed with four children - Cindius, Rodney, Carol and Carmen. Even though times were lean and Bette was seriously ill, the family began opening their home and hearts to the first of 13 foster children. During this same period, Les was to be employed at the Wyoming Gas Company. Under the teaching and guidance of his good friend and mentor, Ira Lamb, Les was happy to serve the people of Lusk. Many a Christmas night was spent lighting furnaces and delivering gas. It was this love and dedication to his profession and customers that enabled him to advance at Wyoming Gas and later at Petrolane Gas.

In 1965, Les and Bette moved their family to Bountiful, Utah. It was with many tears that they left Lusk to begin an adventure which would span the next 24 years. That period was a time of continuing personal and professional challenge. Petrolane became the largest propane distribution company in the world with operations throughout Europe and the United States. Les' responsibilities grew along with the company and be became an executive vice president with wide ranging responsibilities for various operations within the Western United States and Alaska.

Despite the increase in his professional responsibilities, Les always had time for his family and for others who needed his attention and support. Whether it was a student seeking financial support to continue education, or a family in need of a home while their child was in Primary Children's Hospital, Les and Bette opened their home and hearts.

While continuing his membership in the VFW and the American Foreign Legion, Les became a 32nd Degree Mason and took an active part in the business of Bountiful Community Church, where he served on the Board of Directors.

The values he imparted to his family and others will remain as a part of his legacy.

His insistence on personal integrity, concern for his fellow man and the value of hard work and education are all part of the qualities he left his children and six grandchildren. Even in the last days of his life, Les worked to change those things which he could change, and accepted those things which God asked him to accept.

It is difficult for his family to summarize all the joy and happiness, the tears and sorrow they shared with Les. Words cannot express the degree to which Les embraced life with love, humor, warmth, dignity and courage. This written tribute to Les is his family's way of saying good-bye to an exceptional man who they had the honor of calling husband, father and friend.

The family would like to extend their deepest appreciation to Babe for the love and devotion he showed in caring for his brother and for helping the family fulfill their dream of caring for Les at home. Although Les was unable to speak for the last two weeks of his life, his children would like to express the feelings they know their father had for his mother and for his wife. Had he been able, he would have said to his mother: "Thank you for being by my side all the days of my life." And to his loving wife he would have said: "Thank you for being the wind beneath my wings which allowed me to soar."

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Leslie Schnorenberg, 1986

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