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Marlee Catherine Scott

(03/03/1943 - 07/14/2002)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/30/2002

Marlee Catherine Thompson Scott

A memorial service for Marlee Scott, 59, of Lusk, was held July 18, at the Cicmanec-Pier Funeral Home, with Pastor Tom Strock officiating.

Marlee Scott died July 14, 2002 in Douglas, Wyo.

Marlee Catherine Thompson was born in Douglas, March 3, 1943, to Leo and Martha (Carlson) Thompson. She was raised with her brother Moose on the family ranch north of Lance Creek. She attended grade school in Lance Creek and went to high school in Lusk, graduating in 1963.

She married Gary L. Scott in a private ceremony at Fort Leonardwood, Mo., July 6, 1963. They made their home north of Lance Creek on the ranch until 1979, when they sold the ranch and moved to Lusk. Together they raised Davi Cass for 17 years as a daughter, and took care of Marlee's mother for a number of years when she was no longer able to live alone.

Marlee's greatest joys in life were her family, friends, and helping people in need - whether it be in helping a neighbor or friend, school fund raisers including Booster Club and Close-Up functions, or helping strangers stranded in town by a storm.

She loved to cook and to go shopping. A stranger was someone she hadn't met yet. She had a heart that was always giving and a very outspoken woman, strong traits admired by many.

She is survived by her husband; two daughters, Chris of Denver, Colo., and Stephanie of Lusk; three grandchildren, Davi Cass, Shatto and Shilo, all of Lusk; her brother of Laramie; an aunt and uncle, Jim and Harriet Thompson of Lusk; cousins, Elmer and Shirley Oschenbein of Omaha, Neb., Geri Litner of Jackson, Mich., Jan Bruegger of Keeline and Waive Thompson of Torrington.

She was preceded in death by her parents and a son Sheldon.

Memorials to the Lusk Ambulance service would be appreciated by the family.

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